This is the Pomodoro support site.

Pomodoro Desktop is a desktop application for Time Management on your Mac OSX. It is a simple but effective way to manage your (coding) time, and it's based on the Pomodoro technique you can find here.

Go to the Downloads section to get the binaries, or access the source at the git repository to compile it. Pomodoro is free and open source.
Pomodoro stays silently on your status bar. You can only start/stop it or make interruptions and resume. You can use the keyboard to manage your pomodoro effectively, without touching the mouse. Add a meaningful description, press Ok and pomodoro starts.
Pomodoro discreetely notifies you of important Time events using Growl, spoken, twitter or your own (Applescript) notifications.
When the pomodoro is done, you can change the name you gave in your backlog window if you like. The backlog window can contain all your done pomodoros: it's your job to delete old pomodoros from it with the delete button
The session stats tab in the same panel contains session details (not persistent) of your pomodoros, interruptions and resets.
You can fully customize your pomodoro default time and interruptions, and all the growl/spoken/twitter/applescript notifications can be changed or enabled/disabled.
The whole site has been proudly developed in only 1 full pomodoro. Thanks to you, RapidWeaver guys!